Rib jar

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Warring States, 476 - 221 BC
23 cm
35 cm

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The globular jar has loose ring handles and a design of ribbed bands, with a short raised rim and a slightly concave base. The bands consist of vertical ribs, carved with a knife and the upper band is twice disrupted by a pattern of scrolmotifs, surrounding the rings.
On the outside, the light yellowish-olive glaze has shrivelled to an evenly mottled layer. The shape is derived from bronze prototypes of the same period.

A jar of this form and design from an early Warring States site in Zhejiang province is illustrated in a line drawing in Peng Shifan, Zhongguo nanfang gudai yinwen tao (Ancient ceramics with impressed designs from China’s South), Beijing 1987. Another glazed proto-porcelain jar with similar carved design from the Meiyintang collection was exhibited at the China Institute Gallery: Dawn of the Yellow Earth - Ancient Chinese Ceramics from the meiyintang Collection, New York 2000. A very similar jar is in the Shanghai Museum: Peng Qingyun Complete Masterpieces of Chinese cultural relics: Ceramics Volume, Taipei, 1993. Another example of slightly different proportions and design from an Eastern Zhou cliff tomb in Guixi, Jiangxi province is now in the Jiangxi Provincial Museum. Yet another from the collection of Uragami Toshiro, was exhibited in the Hagi Uragami Museum.


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