Pottery jar with impressed textile pattern

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Warring States, 476 - 221 BC
64 cm

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This tall red pottery is decorated with an all over impressed geometric textile pattern. The textile was pressed into the pottery, leaving a beautiful and refined motive. The jar on a flat base has tapered sides that rise up to form wide rounded shoulders and a short neck with a lipped rim. The pottery jar is burnished to a terracotta color.

The technique of using textile to decorate pottery has been applied from the late Neolithic period onwards, throughout the Zhou dynasty. The use of the technique declined towards the end of the Eastern Han period. Most pottery with these textile impressions were made in Southern China, specifically Jiangsu, Zhejiang province. This production technique also shows the blooming textile industry in early China.  

See for a similar vessels in the collection of the Asian Art Museum San Francisco, L. He, Chinese Ceramics, The New Standard Guide, Londen 1996, p. 67 & in the collection of the Jiangyin City Museum: A. Jingkui, Zhongquo Taoci Quanji: The Complete Works of Chinese Ceramics, vol. 2, Shanghai 2000, p. 220 & in the collection of the Palace Museum Beijing: The Imperial Packing Art of the Qing Dynasty, Beijing 2000, p. 76. 


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