Jar with black and red painted design

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China, Gansu or Qinghai province
Majiayao culture, Machang type, 2300 - 2000 BC
36 cm

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This tall jar, built from coils of clay, has a neck with everted rim and two vertical double loop handles. It is related in shape to earlier Banshan jars, but its proportions are more elongated. It is painted in brownish black and very dark red with two bands with roundels on the upper half, with a very rare cut decoration underneath.

 The jar was used and made by the Majiayao culture; a group of neolithic communities who lived in the upper Yellow River region, from 3300 to 2000 BC. The Majiayao culture was an agricultural community and is famous for its painted pottery vessels, produced in large kilns by professional craftspeople. The largest Neolithic workshop is found in the Gansu province, at Baidagouping.  


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