Sancai warrior and official

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Tang Dynasty, 618 - 907 AD
Sancai glazed pottery
41 cm

The Gems of Cultural Relics, compiled by the Shaanxi Provincial Museum 1992, p. 94.
L. Congyun, Y. Yang & Z. Gushan, Imperial Tombs of China, Memphis 1995, p. 113.

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The warrior is standing on an animal, his right hand raised and his left hand on his hip. The official is standing on a pedestal in an observant position, dressed in a traditional robe, typical for this epoch. His hands are clasped, in front, beneath the long sleeves of his robe. Both the figures are partly covered in a rich amber and green sancai glaze.

This type of ceramics is named Sancai, literally ‘three colours’. A white body with the characteristic green, amber and white lead-glaze is fired in kilns up to 900℃. The lead-oxide in the glaze, and added copper and iron, influenced the striking colours.

Sancai glazed pottery figures like these are also unearthed in the eastern suburbs of Xi'an in 1984 (86.7 cm high); and a civil official in sancai glaze excavated from Guanlin in the city of Loyang, Henan (107 cm high).  


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