Qingbai jar and cover

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Song Dynasty, 960 - 1279
Qingbai porcelain
28.5 cm
14 cm

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A Qingbai glazed jar decorated with iron brown in the tobi seiji technique. The jar is incised with flower petals, on the shoulder is a protruding and wave-shaped rim, the cover has a lotus-shaped knob. The jar is decorated with four divine creatures or animal spirits, the siling, in iron brown; the qinglong of the East, the baihu of the West, the zhuque of the South, and the xuanwu of the North, respectively the azure dragon, the white tiger, the vermilion bird and the black tortoise.

The technique that was used for the glaze is called tobi seiji, a Japanese name translating to ‘flying spot ware’. The Japanese admired this Chinese style of decoration, which was especially popular during the Yuan dynasty. The iron spots and drawing were added onto the unfired glaze, resulting in these whimsical and irregular rich brown spots, which show a beautiful variety of dark and light brown. 


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