Pair of Qingbai dishes

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Song Dynasty, 960 - 1279
Qingbai porcelain
16.9 cm

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This pair of Qingbai dishes has a moulded design of two birds in a floral scroll. The rim of the dishes is unglazed because they were made using the Fushao firing technique, also called inverted firing; they were fired face down, resting on their unglazed rims. The back of the dishes has a nice, even glaze and a small footrim.

Qingbai ware (青白 qīngbái, ‘green-white’), also called Yingqing ware, is a type of refined Chinese pottery, produced at Jingdezhen, during the Song and Yuan Dynasty. Qingbai is defined by the ceramic glaze that is used; it is made from a white porcelain body, and fired with a transparent blue-greenish glaze. The beautiful color of the glaze gives name to the type of porcelain; ‘qing’ means blue or green and ‘bai’ means white. In the kilns pine wood was used as fuel, which resulted in reduction of the atmosphere, and influenced the color of the glaze. The pottery was fired in a saggar, which explains the unglazed rim. The form of Qingbai ware is often simple, with elegant (floral) patterns, incised, combed and carved onto the porcelain. The porcelain wares were produced in vast quantities for both the domestic market and the trade market.  


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