Stucco head of Buddha

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Ming Dynasty, 16th - 17th century
Stucco, lacquer
33 cm

Zhongguo meishu guanji: Diaosu 6, Yuan Ming Qing diaosu, Beijing 1988, p. 63, cat. no. 67.

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The round face of this stucco head of Buddha is very well-modelled and covered in beautiful red lacquer. He has a serene and compassionate expression, with arched eyebrows and red, slightly smiling, lips. His eyes are cast down, he has elongated earlobes and a gold urna. The dark grey painted hair is dressed in tight curls with a straight hairline, covering a rounded usnisa. This large head of Buddha originally must have belonged to a large figure of Buddha. The Buddha would have been placed in a temple or shrine.

Buddhism was introduced in China by Buddhist monks during the Han Dynasty. The religion, founded by Gautama Buddha, originated in India and found its way all over the Asian region, resulting in different Buddhist movements. The Buddhist religion, adapting to existing Chinese traditions, culture and beliefs, became the biggest religion by the sixth century, demoting Daoism to second place.


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