Green glazed vase, Hu

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Eastern Han Dynasty, 206 BC - 220 AD
50 cm

A similar jar illustrated in: Spirit of Han - Ceramics for the After-Life, published by the Southeast Asian Ceramic Society, page 156.

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The jar has a compressed bulbous body and a galleried mouth. On both sides of the jar are finely moulded taotie masks with rings. The Hu-vase is covered overall with a green glaze which varies from mint to dark green with a silvery-green iridescence. The bottom has wedge-shaped spur marks.

The jar was part of a funerary gift; objects made of expensive materials such as jade and bronze were reproduced in earthenware to accompany the deceased. The afterlife was considered to be a continuation of life on earth and the soul should be able to have a similar life in heaven as on earth. Elegant dancers, mythical animals, the most beautiful vases and numerous objects were recreated in earthenware. Nowadays, these ancient relics give us insight in the way people handled death, but also how they lived.


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