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All earthenware sculptures are analyzed with a thermoluminescence (TL) test and in some cases with a computerized tomography (CT) scan. With the help of a thermoluminescence test, the age of certain materials in an earthenware object can be determined. Several samples are taken from each object. These are analyzed by specialized laboratories, such as Oxford Authentication Ltd in England. A CT scanner analyses the object with X-rays and reveals reparations, restorations and falsifications. These test are carried out by Scantix, a company specializing in the radiological analyses of sculptures. 

The age of wooden sculptures can be verified with a radiocarbon (C14) test. This test uses the half-life of the isotope C14 to determine the age of organic material. 


Bruil & Brandsma Asian Art

In 2017 Bruil & Brandsma opened their new gallery specialized in Asian Art. The focus lies on Chinese ceramics and works of art from the Han, Tang and Ming dynasties. The art historical aspects and information about provenance of each object is extensively researched.



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